As you can hear in the title track, “Finch,” the score for the film is just as epic and beautiful as you’d expect from a feature helmed by Miguel Sapochnik and starring Tom Hanks about a man venturing out into the post-apocalypse with his trusty dog and his newly created robot companion.

Santaolalla is no stranger to composing incredible scores. He’s one of the rare composers to actually win back-to-back Oscars, thanks to his work in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain” and 2006’s “Babel.”

“The possibility of composing and playing for such a wonderful film as ‘Finch’ was an immediate source of inspiration,” said Santaolalla. “The unusual combination of characters and the mix of suspense, action, humor and tenderness laid out a canvas full of possibilities – from big, powerful action scenes to intimate moments where the emotions of the story and characters take over. Working once again with David Campbell as an orchestrator allowed me to move seamlessly from large orchestra to chamber-sized pieces. In this particular moment we find ourselves living, the music for ‘Finch’ has become very special to me. Happy that finally I can share it with all of you.”

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