The big screen. The packed house. The MOMENT everyone talks about for years afterwards.

That moment — all such memorable moments — need the right music. That’s where Cutting Edge steps in.

Music licensing. Music supervision. Music publishing. You have the vision; we make it sing.

I'm a film buff


The Golden Age of Television is upon us. TV shows now rival (and even exceed) some film shoots. Films are simultaneously released to streaming services as well as theatres. It is more critical than ever to have the right music for the right moment. Enter Cutting Edge.

Bridgerton. Star Trek. Stranger Things. The Walking Dead. This is just the tip of Cutting Edge’s iceberg.

I like to binge


Videogaming is ten times the size of the movie industry. A seventh-generation video game’s production budget can easily run into multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Cutting Edge is a veteran in this rapidly evolving space.

Gone are the days of beeps and boops. As games become more like interactive movies — and in some cases actually get adapted into movies — the quality of their soundtracks must rival the best of what Hollywood can offer. This is where Cutting Edge shines.

Gaming is life

Live, vinyl, stage & more

The oldest form of entertainment on Earth: the stage. The magic of the live experience and the music that lives forever.

From Broadway musicals to Irish dancing, Cutting Edge’s presence in live entertainment continues to grow.

My life is a sound track

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Cutting Edge has a significant presence in wellness music.
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