2022 FEBE GROWTH 100


FEBE celebrates the greatest entrepreneurs in Britain, and we are delighted to launch our inaugural Growth 100 – an annual list and awards that shines a light on the finest and fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the country, where the founder or founders are still involved. This is the beating heart of our club that inspires, motivates and supports the very best entrepreneurs and their companies.

The essence of FEBE is entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We exist to inspire and champion our country’s best ‘dare-to-doers’. We know how important it is to celebrate our country’s founders and their businesses, and the Growth 100 does just that.

There are 4.2m private companies in the UK. Just 1% or 45,000 of these are considered ‘high growth’.But who are the 100 fastest growing?FEBE is delighted to present the 100 fastest growing, founder-led, privately owned businesses in the UK. All listed companies are profitable and are turning over between £3m-£200m.



The inaugural FEBE Growth 100® is a league table of Britain’s founder-led private companies with the fastest-growing sales. Companies are ranked by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales over their latest two financial years.

Our entry criteria for 2022 are:

* UK-registered, independent, unquoted and ultimate parent companies
* Founders remain involved in the business
* Had sales between £3m and £200m in their latest financial year
* Made an operating profit in their latest financial year
* Did not show a decrease in sales from their penultimate to the latest year
* Had annualised sales of more than £200,000 in the base year, and traded for at least 6 months in that year
* Recruitment firms, payroll services providers and media agencies must show gross profits of at least £3m in their latest financial year
*Excluded companies include: pure property developers, financial trading companies, LLPs and companies with a turnover of £200m or more

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